horrid red


Being released solely on cassette by Brave Mysteries in 2015 “Gold of Days” marks another step forward in the longtime collabration between Edmund Xavier (San Francisco) and Bunker Wolf (Aachen / Germany). On their approximately 10th release “Gold of Days” Horrid Red departe further from their at times shambolic recording tradition of Der Teenage Panzerkorps. Horrid Red still display The Fall, The Cure or Joy Division as an influence and still deliver some of their trademark songs with Bunker Wolf’s ferocious shoutings, even citing Deutschpunk legends Canal Terror at one point. But on “Gold of Days” Bunker Wolf also turns into a more delicate medieval troubadour or sings in an almost baroque duet with a bass, telling over the course of an album a poetic story of Love and Loss, of Desperation and Loneliness, all brought into the right mood by the versatile instrumentation of Edmund Xavier with additions by Fresh & Onlys former bass player Shayde Sartin. 

The cassette has been reworked for vinyl by Edmund Xavier and mastered by Clay Ruby. The vinyl edition contains the bonus track “I will crawl”.